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“Hi – just a quick e-mail to say thanks for the trainers quotes yesterday (Sat 16th April 2016) as I
had a £2.5 win patent on Normandy King 9-2, On A Whim 4-1, and Mr Red Clubs
11/8 plus three single win bets, for an outlay of £62-50 I got a return of
£490.95 I also won £50 on the football during the week on your advice on a
no lose bet with bet365 keep up the good work. All the best”

“Well done TQ team on another fab winner from Gary Moore – what a judge…”

“Thanks to all the trainers with their superb info, over £600 up over the past two weeks and I don’t bet big – £50 max bet. Thanks to all at Tq towers.”
Alan C

“Booom!!! Another fantastic day from the quotes team absolutely fantastic 16-1 winner..12-1
winner..11-1 winner..5-1 winner..20-1 placed..all I can say is thankyou..keep up the great
work guys..”
Paul Jones

“Great information today Zubaidah 50-1 and Classic Pursuit 9-4 in a Lucky 15 that's 2 good 4star horses .Thanks D.P only a small wager but great return.”
Derek Potter

“Thanks guys for the above what a win and what a ride by Luke PJ”

“Hi, I am only new to your site.I met a gentleman at the Punchestown races from UK as we
both have a share in same horse.We had not met previously as he lives in UK and I in Ireland
and trainer organised the syndicate.He told me about your site as he is a member so I decided
to join for a year.He said that ye offer free trial periods but did not see any at the time. I like to follow a few trainers and the manner in which they operate so I am just feeling my way at the moment.As I said I live in Ireland but would NOT back a horse in IRL even if it were a one horse race. Thanks for all the winners in last week.Exceptional honesty by the trainers.”