Trainers Quotes is your way to get a direct link into some of the best horse racing stables in the country – it’s as simple as that!

Yes, since 2012 we’ve been supplying our members with unique and top class information about each of our stables daily runners – every time they send one to post.

We speak to the trainers EVERYDAY ourselves and, therefore, we’ve built-up a great rapport with each stable – meaning that only their best and honest opinions are passed onto us…….and then our members!

New yards are always keen to join, but only the best join us, while with racing pretty much EVERY day of the year the TQ service is there for it’s members all-year-round.

Plus – we are fully approved by the leading horse racing authorities and are regular contributors to the racing industry by supporting our stables.

We know that gaining an edge over the bookmakers is always tricky, but our service can help you bridge that gap between winning and losing – in this industry information is key!

Members use our daily quotes – that are also given a 1-5 star-rating by the trainers, based on their chance – to back winners, lay horses and even eliminate runners from certain races. Meaning there are many ways to cash-in by using our daily info.

Of course, we are not going to promise you untold riches with winner after winner, and our trainers can’t get it 100% right all the time, but having fully approved information that’s coming direct from the trainer’s mouth at your disposal will improve your betting approach in the long term – and, trust us, our yards do get it right most of the time!

Our team also supply members with their best daily quote – we call this the TQ VIEW. With years of building up strong stable relationships with our yards then we are also in no better place to sort the wheat from the chaff each day and with that give you – what we think – is the best piece of info…….trust us, this alone is worth the subscription!


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