Snowy Bet Alongside A Proven Pro Gambler


Yes, we are sure you might have heard these promises many times in the past but with over 12 years of making his sole income from backing horses then Phil ‘Snowy’ Griffiths certainly has the track record to back up that statement. Ok, so you don’t know ‘Snowy’ from Adam, but his story is a fascinating one that has seen him become one of the bookies biggest enemies over the last decade – more of that over the coming months.

With over 40 years punting experience, and over 12 years now as a Pro-gambler, then experience and discipline are two key assets that Snowy has developed over the years – learning from his mistakes and, most of all, hitting the bookies hard when everything lines into place.

But Snowy’s main motto revolves around the ‘THREE SIMPLE ‘P’s’ – PATIENCE, PRICES AND PROFIT!
All three are key to his success and if you want to make your betting pay then Snowy firmly believes that you must get ALL THREE honed to a tee!

Good News

You are probably now asking yourself, well I don’t have 40 years (or even 12 years) to try and test these methods and try and become a more selective, better punter – but the GOOD NEWS is you don’t have too!

After months of negotiation we’ve persuaded Snowy to let others in on his secrets and you can now bet alongside a proven Pro Punter with over 12 years experience – Don’t Forget, that Snowy has been making his sole living from backing/laying horses so he has no choice but to be thorough and confident before wading in.

His form reading, when looking at certain races, can take between 2-5 hours, while value is a big part of his approach. There is no point backing Even money shots each time – you’ll need to get 6/10 right on a regular basis just to show a small profit!

Going against the grain is key for Snowy and that’s where value comes in. We’ll be telling you more about Snowy’s story in the coming weeks but at this stage we just want to get an interest.
If you want to continue to hear about Snowy’s story then do nothing – we’ll be back in the coming weeks with a bit more about Snowy’s past and some monster ‘bookie-bashing’ bets – like the one that saw him take £29k in one hit from the bookies satchels!!

Snowy specializes during the jumps season – so his affordable service launch will be in September – ready for the main NH racing, but you can grab your place over our next communications by simply leaving your name and email address.

Until next time…………………..
Snowy and the Tipster Platforms team.