Reasons to Join

We’re ALL In It To WIN!

We are so confident in our tipster’s ability that we also put our money where our mouth is and back alongside our members – why wouldn’t we? Our simple aim is to make money following our tipsters (see our winning bet slips page) – not only for us, but for our members too. Join our winning club!

Over A Decade Of Experience

We are a UK-based company that’s stood the test of time. We’ve been trading since 2006, so have over 13 years’ experience in bringing only the best betting advice to our members.

Only The Best Tipsters Join

We don’t just let any old betting service trade under our name. You can rest assured EVERY potential tipster has to undergo a vigorous, tried and tested proofing period. Only the ones that pass with flying colours are allowed to join…… us, we’ve turned down hundreds!

Real Tipsters, That Are Real People

All our tipsters are professional industry people – but, most importantly, REAL people and not made up cartoon characters. The SureWin motto is ‘Quality over Quantity’ – and this is backed up by only allowing members to join our most profitable services.

Top Notch Customer Service

With a dedicated members’ area our customers are always in total control of the services they join. Plus, our experienced SureWin team are also on-hand to answer any queries you might have. We’re here to help  – contact us from 09:30am – 16:30pm Weekdays.

Transparent Results

Unlike many betting services around, here at SureWin there is simply no hiding place for our tipsters. Why should there be? All their results – win, lose, or draw – are published online, so there is a clear understanding on how each one is performing. All bets are proofed in advance and also linked to ‘real-time’ prices and then recorded on their automated results page – it’s transparency all the way!