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This new approach now means you can gain access to the tips from one of the best connected services in the business at a very affordable price, while because you decide each day if you want to take the advice then you are in complete control at all times.

You can expect on average 1 or 2 bets daily on horses that you can be sure have been expertly prepared and are expected to have plenty in hand of the opposition.

Each bet will be given a 1-5pt rating and you pay just £1 a point based on that!

So, How Does It Work?……

  • Based on the strength of the info Steve and his team receives, bets will warrant a 1-5pt rating
  • Sign-up is FREE & the Team will text you for FREE when a bet is ready
  • You’ll be told before taking the tip the points and cost attached to that tip
  • Decide if you want the advice (reply ‘WIN’) – meaning you’re in complete control.
  • You are then charged at just £1 per point should you decide to take the tip.
  • Each bet will be charged at JUST 1-5 with most bets being 5 or under
  • There will be the very occasional £10 MAX Bet
  • No money is taken at sign-up & you are under no obligation to take the bets

Remember – by getting the info this way you are in still in total control when you want to take the advice, while at just 1-5 then it’s an affordable way to tap into one of the best racing brains on the tipping circuit.

Should you have any questions please call us on 0843 353 3003 and we’ll be happy to help.

How Payments Are Collected…….

We take payments for advice by credit or debit card, using secure card processing.

All data is encrypted for your protection.

To start winning NOW just complete our simple and safe online application

For your peace of mind we would ask you to read the terms and conditions on the application form (or via the link below) and confirm your agreement when you sign up.

I look forward to welcoming you into my select team of winners

Pound A Point Service

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