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***PRO GAMBLES LAUNCHES NEW MONTLY SUBSCRIPTION SMS TEXT SERVICE – YOU’VE ASKED & WE’VE DELIVERED*** Available at a fraction of the price of their old Odds 2 service (saving bundles)

What sets Pro Gamble apart from many other horse racing services is their portfolio and network of professionals who all like to gamble for a living, or at the very least make a second income.

These guys are on the road most of the time and so their bets are not found by hours of form reading – but, instead, by racing professionals and contacts within the industry that keep them and their members well informed.

This approach is a bit different to the successful pro-punters and proven champion tipsters we have at Tipster Platforms, but this method has also shown it can reap consistent monthly profits, maintain an impressive return on investment and above all provide a winning strike-rate that their members love.

To be honest, when they first contacted us we thought we’ve heard this all before – another person who claims to have coat and dagger contacts – but we gave them the benefit of the doubt and let them proof their selections and they have impressed…….to say the least!! Their strike-rate is excellent and they nearly all shorten-up, so they are without doubt fancied – meaning their information is spot-on.

They are often contacted with information throughout the day and when they are at the tracks. This way, once they hear something and have also collated information about other runners at the course, they are then in a position to send this info on quickly to their members mobile phones – so it makes sense to have this new text-based approach. NOTE: they may give you a bet in the morning and update you with a later bet as and when they get it. Their predominant interest lies on the flat and, therefore, mainly gain their information from the HQ of the flat turf scene – Newmarket. Though, here at Tipster Platforms, we take a dim view to people claiming to be ‘in the know’ at Newmarket or gallop watchers in general or getting tips from stable lads – you’ve heard it all before and so have we!

These guys probably never see a horse on a gallop, just people and well-connected people, plus bookies and the racecourses – they like to bet! But they bet big and, more importantly, selectively and they will provide a staking plan ranging from 1 – 10 pts on their chances. Often they will have an each-way fancy at 20/1 which might be advised at 2pts each-way (total points 4) Or a Banker bet at 10pts being the maximum stake. Don’t worry, it’s not a numbers game for them by throwing out hundreds of selections and hoping a few stick but having a consistent strike-rate they know will return a profit.

At the end of the day Newmarket is flat racings HQ so there is lots of information coming out of there each and every day – their job is to sort through the wheat from the chaff and only pass on the very best!! Sometimes there might be two or three horses fancied in the same race, but if one is possibly held in VERY high-regard and doing the best speed figures they might go with it and pass it on to members. However, if that information has come from one of their reliable sources with a proven track history it will add to their decision – if not, then with 2 or 3 horses in the same race they would more often than not just leave that race alone …

You can now save a fortune by getting the top ‘Pro Gamble’ info delivered direct to your mobile via their NEW ‘Text Based’ monthly subscription service

JUST £27 (not there old £10 x SP Per Bet)
That works out at only 90p a day to get their info delivered direct to your phone. So – each time they’ve got something to pass on, members will receive a text message at no extra cost outlining what horse (s) to back.

A simple and very affordable new approach to delivering the best info
Yes, it couldn’t be easier – so even if you are out and about, in the office or away from your computer then as long as you’ve got your phone to-hand (and who hasn’t these days) you’ll never miss out!! Plus – there is no need to reply if you want the selections anymore as once a member you’ll simply be added to the daily text service and receive top info through the month. Run by two individuals, that bring over 40 years racing experience to the table and being based near horse racing’s HQ in Newmarket, they have a network of professionals that has seen them bring impressive returns for members.

Backed-up these impressive stats …………………… Selections:48 Strikes:12 (25%) Profit (Adv): £26.08 Profit (SP): £97.30 Cycle Profit: +134.75pts These two individuals talk straight; Yes, there are no certainties in the world of horse racing – but they believe they have the edge with information coming from reliable sources. Horses are animals, not machines – things don’t always go to plan – but overall, they win. However, these two experienced individuals come to the playing field having had bookmakers closing their accounts or restricting their bets, but now have a desire to let punters cash-in for the very first time – therefore, they certainly limit the times when a freak of nature, lady luck or a horse running below-par impacts what should happen!


Forget about missing another winner with Pro Gamble as for a one-off MONTHLY FEE of only £27 members get full access to all their selections. This new approach means members will get every bit of advice given to the Pro Gamble team, plus it keeps things simple with customers not having to dip-in-and out with unpredictable costs and – most importantly – never missing a winner.


Bearing in mind, the results have also been proofed to us here at Tipster Platforms over several months, and during that time this service has produced a very high strike-rate with long winning runs and some great gambles delivered. This service truly is high class. You will get a stream of winners from approx. 5-7 bets per week. Yes, there will be days of No Bets, but this is because they are truly selective. If you are looking for a stream of winners and want to join in some proper gambles then you need to get on board NOW. Places will be limited to only 300 members to help protect the prices.

How Will I Receive My Tips?

Delivered by text message, monthly text subscription.

When Will I Receive My Tips?

Once you’ve joined The PRO GAMBLE Team, daily tips are sent via text message.

How Many Tips Per Week?

5-7 bets on average each week.

What Happens When I Sign Up?

You’ll receive a welcome text explaining how the service works. This will include important information of how you can login to your personal members’ account within SureWin via the login/register at the top of every page!

From here you’ll see your members’ area and be in complete control of your account – you can cancel your service (s) here, update your details and also see all your payment history!

Plus, our customer service team are on hand too should you need any further assistance.

What Is The Advised Staking Plan?

Contact Us for information

What Is My Starting Bank?

Contact Us for information

How Long Has The Service Been Running?

The PRO GAMBLE service started proofing with us in December 2017

How Do I Cancel?

You can cancel at any time. As mentioned above, you can cancel via your members’ area and we’re always here to help – if you prefer, just drop us an e-mail or phone call and we can cancel the service for you and e-mail you confirmation once this has been done.

(approx. 90p a day, with all tips sent direct to your phone via a free text message)

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