Pro Gamble

What sets Pro Gamble apart from other horse racing services is their ability to make consistent monthly profits, maintain an impressive return on investment and provide a winning strike-rate that is second to none.

Run by two individuals that bring to the table over 40 years racing experience and being based near horse racing’s HQ in Newmarket they have a network of sources that has seen them bring impressive returns for members.

These two individuals talk straight;

  • There are no certainties – but they believe they have the edge with information coming from reliable sources.
  • There’s always two horses in a race – so lady luck has to play it’s part.
  • Horses are animals, not machines – things don’t always go to plan.

These two experienced individuals come to the playing field having had bookmakers closing their accounts or restricting their bets, but now have a desire to let punters cash-in for the very first time.

Their ability to link inside information with breeding statistics gives them the edge and truly sets them apart from the random and ‘run of the mill services’ we have all had bad past experiences with.

Bearing in mind, the results have also been proofed to us here at Tipster Platforms over several months, and during that time this service has produced a very high strike-rate with long winning runs.

Even if you are just a casual gambler who enjoys the odd punt, imagine being able to decide whether a bet is going to be a good one or a bad one.

This service truly is high class. You will get a stream of winners from approx. 5-7 bets per week. Yes, there will be days of No Bets, but this is because they are truly selective.

If you are looking for a stream of winners and a fat weekly wallet then you need to get on board NOW.

Places will be limited to only 300 members to help protect the prices.

Terms are strictly £10 to SP odds to be paid for any winning bets selected.

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