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We’ve heard it all before – Inside info, Stable Information, Inside Man, Stable Source, Inside Man, Yard Mole, Our Man on the track – blah, blah, blah!! …….. Well this ‘LATE GAMBLE’ is different!

It doesn’t need all the waffle about having inside knowledge or an array of racing contacts to call upon – let’s be honest all that stuff is old hat and, more importantly, an insult to YOUR intelligence!

Let’s be clear – The person that heads-up this ‘LATE GAMBLE’ service works with a team of professionals, who simply make their living from gambling – it’s as simple as that.

Members don’t need to know where or how they get their angles – but the point is if they don’t find winners, then they don’t eat or pay the bills!

Yes, some are linked to the racing world – mainly in the journalistic capacity – so will be talking to people in racing, but often this is disregarded and only really used alongside their own opinions and also only if it fits in with their own synopsis of a race!

They try to help each other find winners, so I guess without contradicting ourselves – yes – they do have a whole host of information, but as we say it’s only used as part of the jigsaw to build up an overall opinion!

Why?  Our man watches only certain races that fit his betting criteria – ones that he knows have produced winning bets for years. He’ll watch these races over and over again to look for things that the everyday punters miss.

Yes, he often follows particular trainers, some looking to drop a horse in grade, or several that are looking to land touches towards the end of the season – or for breeding purposes. Or even a horse that has been running against better opposition that now requires a confidence booster or even a horse that’s involved in a title chase for a trainer and jockey.

It goes without saying things like the draw, distance, ground, track biases, gelded or breathing operations, drop in grade or even being upped in grade are other key factors our man looks for.

Or, what about – the switch to the flat for a jumper, is a horse well-in / or better handicapped over hurdles after running over fences, or ahead of the handicapper? Maybe they are wearing first-time headgear, running over a new trip, or even if a certain trainer or jockey have travelled miles to run a horse, a change in trainer –  how much will trainer A improve from trainer B and will he be testing the water on the first run or backing with confidence?

There are a lot of things to take into account when backing horses – the pros know this and that is why they are the best of taking all this information on board and then sorting the wheat from the chaff!

Like – have you noticed how many of Gordon Elliott’s win when coming over from Ireland to tracks like Perth? – that’s another different scenario again – Irish handicap verses the British handicapping system.

All this information, and more, is all taken into account and analysed. The betting markets are then watched and analysed to make the finale selection. Sometimes he’ll back his advice at a great price and the lay it off for an instant profit, or lay his liability and pocket the profit as a free bet. But after all– they have to win for him to be in profit and make his living – of course they don’t win all the time that goes without saying, but to make money as a professional you have to be strict, don’t bet on every race, be disciplined and have a betting bank and a strategy that works.

All this requires a lot of skill and knowledge which means an understanding of the sport is key – all gained from mathematics, patience and research. There aren’t many people that can do this and if you can then that’s great – You then don’t need our late gamble service, in-fact we’d love to hear from you!

But if you haven’t got all these skills – a professional approach and 60+ hrs a week with some other like-minded people giving their opinion in their quest to make a living from gambling then this service is for you……..

FINALLY – This service is called ‘LATE GAMBLE’, not because of that rubbish you’ve all heard before, contact has to be on, man at the track ETC ETC ETC – it’s because it all takes time, there might be 1-10 horses watched from 8am for hours before its decided it worthy of a wager or more often than not, watch and wait for a bet another day!

After all, a lot can change from 9am in the morning till the time of the race at say 5pm. The going might change, there might be non-runners, a jockey change etc etc – so unlike most other services that give out bets first thing and then sit back and hope for the best – the LATE GAMBLE leaves it a late as they can and only until all the key factors are in place will this be passed onto members – Don’t worry though as we are not talking a few minutes or seconds before each race – members still get plenty of time to get their bets in – AT LEAST 30 MINUTES!!

So how does it work?

You only pay for winning advice so we are in this together, so all LATE GAMBLE bets will be offered at ODDS TO Ten Pounds SETTLED AT SP and best of all – ONLY IF THEY WIN!!!

So, you basically you place £10 for us alongside your preferred stake and then pay out at SP only if the horse wins – leaving you free to add on as you like on top – plus, you also KEEP THE £10 STAKE! Many of these will be heavily gambled in but you still just pay us at SP – meaning you’ll be on at the bigger prices anyway SO POCKET THE DIFFERENCE!

If the bet goes out at 10/1 – you get on at 10/1, but SP’s at 4/1 you only pay us £10 x 4/1 = £40!

Given the nature of this service it is not possible to say with confidence the amounts of bets per week but expect 1- 5 (Max) per Week.

This new approach now means you can gain access to the tips from one of the best-connected services in the business at a very affordable price, while because you decide each day if you want to take the advice then you are in complete control at all times.

You can expect on average 1 or 2 bets daily on horses that you can be sure have been expertly prepared and are expected to have plenty in hand of the opposition.

Each bet will be given a 1-5pt rating and you pay just £1 a point based on that!

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