AW Each-Way Pro

Did you know when it’s raining – unlike the grass courses – the All Weather sand tracks rider quicker – read on!

Love them or hate them the All Weather tracks are now a well-established part of horse racing and with 100’s of fixtures on the sand tracks in the UK each year – THERE’S PLENTY OF BETTING OPPORTUNITIES and bundles to get stuck into!


Having studied the form at the AW tracks like Kempton, Lingfield, Southwell and Wolverhampton – plus the newer courses at Chelmsford and Newcastle – over the years he is arguably the best AW specialist in the business – learning which horses perform best on the slightly different surfaces, plus recording in detail the track bias, pace angles and best draws to have.

With new AW tracks popping up each year – like Newcastle and Chelmsford in recent years – plus more being scheduled to be built then the future for AW racing is looking rosy!

Our AW E/W PRO began to see trainers and jockeys who had the best credentials for winning and setting up gambles, plus we do get a lot of returning horses that only really run on the AW coming back year-after-year – he knows them! Ratings play a big part in our AW PRO’S approach with horses that might be under (or over) rated at certain tracks, while he’ll pin-point the yards that like to get their horses back down to winning marks to land a touch! Often a horse is run over the wrong trip or at the wrong course until its back to a winning mark, or better, below that winning mark! It’s back to it’s perfect course and trip at a great price – he wants to be on and he is – pay day!

You may already know, all the AW tracks are slightly different, so again, this is where our AW PRO comes in. Just because a horse dotted-up at Southwell doesn’t mean it will also act at Wolverhampton – the surfaces are very different and it’s angles like this that gives our AW PRO an edge and a living.

Also, during the winter months – when the turf flat season is over – the AW is now an ever more popular venue for big yards – like Godolphin – so the quality of racing is getting better each year. Backed up with the relatively new AW Championships that now culminate at Lingfield on Good Friday each year.

Our AW PRO has developed unique strategies that make the AW game pay for his members –  don’t forget, he bets ONLY at the sand tracks so this is where he makes his living – it’s as simple as that!

Now with more AW tracks than ever there is sand action nearly every day of the week and a host of opportunities to land some serious gambles…………….if you know what you’re doing.

He has strategies and tactics for each of the separate courses and often goes against the grain eking out regular Each-way value for his clients based on his proven database of trainers to follow (and at which tracks), jockeys and trainers that when teaming-up have a record second-to-none, plus which horses prefer one AW surface over another – AND OF COURSE THE ALL IMPORTANT WATCHING AND RACE READING!

Did you know………Southwell has a fibresand surface and this generally rides deep – meaning that horses that like to get their toe-in on the turf, or have acted well on soft ground in the past have an advantage.

Here’s a brief guide on how the main AW tracks perform…………….

Chelmsford – Left-handed, polytrack surface that is described as a galloping track. The track rides fast, while front runners seem to have a bias there and as time goes on it’s harder for horses to come from behind.

Kempton – Right-handed, polytrack surface that runs deeper than say the polytrack at Lingfield and, therefore, gives more kickback. There is also an advantage to be drawn low – especially over the shorter trips of 5f, 6f, 7f and 1m.

Lingfield – Left-handed – Another polytrack surface that is probably the fastest of the lot. It’s believed that front runners have a slight disadvantage here as you often get falsely-run races, with the home straight not that long and often the final bend provides a ‘sling-shot’ effect.

Southwell – Left-handed. The only AW track that currently uses a fibresand surface. With that there is a lot of kickback and it’s the deepest of the AW surfaces – meaning horses that generally like soft ground on the turf perform well here. Also with the deep surface then stamina is key – horses that stay longer trips on the turf often drop back in distance when running at Southwell to make full use of their stamina

Wolverhampton – Left-handed. The first of the UK AW tracks to use a tapeta surface – which many feel resembles the fibresand of Southwell. With this it can prove hard to make up ground from the rear. Being a tight track with a small straight then it often suits horses that race handy and not ones that like to come far back in their races.

Newcastle – The newest of the AW tracks. Left-handed tapeta surface. The have a 1m long straight, while races from 1m2f to 2m are run on the round course. Rides similar to Wolverhampton being a tapeta surface and suits galloping sorts.

Plus – our AW PRO is not looking for the obvious favourites that bolted-up at the tracks a few weeks before, but hunting out the EACH-WAY value ……………………..with all bets at the time of being advised being 5/1 OR BIGGER!

AW EACH-WAY PRO is a ‘must-have’ for your betting portfolio and we are delighted to announce you can receive the selections now by text  ‘Pay As You Go’ exclusively at Tipsterplatforms.

How A ‘Pound Per Point’ Service Works

This new approach now means you can gain access to the tips when you the customer want them and at a very affordable price. You decide each day if there is a bet if you want to take the advice so you are in complete control at all times. Once you register for FREE, we send a free text to your mobile stating the points and the price and if you want the bet you text back to the number with the word, “PRO”.

You then get an automated text back to your phone and we can see when it was delivered. You don’t get charged if you don’t text back, the text we send to you stating there’s a bet is free. You also don’t get charged if you don’t receive the bet, you text back after its ran – you’ll also only get charged once if by mistake you text back several times for the information by accident or possible a problem with your mobile network.


The bets will be advised according to the strength of the bet from a 1-10 rating and you pay just £1 a point based on that!

The service works by a ‘pay as you go’ £1 per point – remember you only get charged it you text back PRO for the bet!! You decide when you want to take the advice so you stay in complete control – you might want to only take a bet on a Saturday or the MAX rated 10pts bets which will be rare with a high strike rate.

So, depending on the strength of bet will determine how much you pay, a maximum bet at 10 points would just cost £10 where a 1 point bet would just cost £1 – it’s as simple as that!