Are you a tipster? is the simplest and quickest way for you to get your tipping service earning money………

Let us take the hard work out of setting up and managing your service – leaving YOU more time to concentrate on tipping winners.

Build Your Reputation – works with, and helps, some of the best tipsters in the business. Enhance your web presence, brand and reputation by making use of our unique software.
No Set-up Costs – Let us take care of the initial set-up costs to get you up-and-running

Add To Your Monthly Income –

Our partners typically earn £3,000 per month within 6 months by working in their spare time and within 12 months the best have enjoyed revenues in excess of £20,000 per month.

Pay As You Win –

Yes, we can provide your service with a traditional monthly subscription package, but why not try our unique ‘Pay As You Win’ offering – meaning your customers only pay for winning advice!

Pay As You Go –

Or get your service live using our ‘Pay As You Go’ or even our affordable ‘£1 a point’ offering – where customers are only charged for the tips they want, when they want.

All Sports Covered –

Most people associate tipping services with just horse racing, but we can accommodate a service from any sport.

Marketing –

With our extensive horse racing database and links with 100’s of media brands then helping you to get your service to market has never been easier.

You Focus On The Tipping, Leave The Rest To Us –

We’ll provide the tipping platform software, SMS text messages, emailing, secure members’ area, CRM (customer relationship management), payment processing, customer support, hosting and much, much more…

We Can Help New Or Existing Tipping Services –

Yes, even if you are just starting out or already have some aspects of your tipping project in place we can help take your service to the next level.

Rest Assured We Only Take The Best Tipsters On –

All our services have to prove their worth by going through a limited proofing period – we proof all our tipster’s selections to the Racing Post and to our accountants – meaning only the best services are allowed to join.

How It Works……………

If you’re a tipster (or know one) that wants to get paid for sharing their knowledge to paying customers then by teaming up with your service can become a reality.

Provide us with your brand and service and we’ll provide you with the platform to make the rest possible. Even if you are just starting out we can help you get your service off the ground from start to finish, or if you already have some aspects of your service in place then maybe you just want to take it to the next level.

Take advantage of our SMS text message service, opt-in email provider, online secure members’ area, CRM (customer relationship management), advanced payment processing, customer support, hosting and much more…

While although we’d be happy to help you set up a traditional subscription service for your service, we have also developed a unique Pay As You Win’ or ‘Pay As You Go’ offerings – a great marketing angle where your customers are only billed when you give them winning tips, or only charged when they want to take the advice.

Most of our active partners are already enjoying returns of over £3,000 amonth after just 24 weeks working part-time, while within a year some are now exceeding over £20,000 a month.

Yes, we’re not promising you a ‘get rich quick’ scheme as the bottom line to any successful tipping service is simply finding your customers winners.That’s where you come in, but in order for your service to focus on doing just that we’ll take the pain and grief out of the everyday aspects of managing your product.

Contact us today to find out how we can help you make your service a reality……..

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