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A very small percentage of punters make a profit – fact. Most people lose gambling for many reasons, wrong or no strategy, not enough information, not enough work done on each bet, not enough knowledge about the subject, etc.

As a jockey I rode for 14 years (already I can see people dragging out the oldest cliche in the book – jockeys are the worst tipsters ever!) I have to agree as the majority are but it is a bit of a generalisation and I am sure that there are many owners who would suggest that trainers are the worst tipsters ever. The problem here is as with any information a jockey, trainer, head lad, groom, owner or whoever can usually only inform you of their horse and as most tend to view them through rose-tinted glasses then often they will be wrong. Information is important but the relevance comes from knowing the strength or weakness of the opposition in the race. As with any information the more commonly known the advantage of that information diminishes.


Again of the highest importance if the horse hasn’t got the form to win unless it is unraced, lightly raced and open to improvement or returning from injury or for a new trainer, etc, then it probably can’t win.

Handicap ratings

I compile my own and have done since day one. These are exclusive to me and probably mean more to me than if anyone else used them.

Former jockey and now well-connected racing tipster – Willie McFarland – has operated one of the most successful horse racing advisory services for the last 15 years combining this with his own betting.

Making his members and himself huge profits over the years – his service has always operated using a small number of clients which enables each person a realistic chance of achieving the best possible prices – thus guaranteeing larger profits.

He currently operates a unique “odds to £10 (DAILY losers deductible)” service – So, you place £10 at starting price on Willie’s behalf and keep the rest.

This service operates on a daily basis with bets sent via a FREE text message – it’s then up to you if you want to take the advice, meaning you are in full control at all times and under no obligation to bet everyday of you don’t want to.

So, once you sign-up for FREE you will then be added to get Willie’s text messages telling you if he’s got a bet that day – if you want to take the advice then simply reply with the dedicated keyword in that text message and you’ll be sent the tips.

How Does It Work re Payment?

If Willie gives members three horses that day

Horse One: Wins @SP 6/1 (£10 profit = £60)
Horse Two: Loses (-£10)
Horse Three: Loses (-£10)

Overall winnings that day = £40 (so this what customers are charged)

As we say, the charge is only based on a £10 X SP charge, so everything else you bet on these selections you can keep.

So, if we take the above example at £50 stakes

Horse One: Wins @SP 6/1 (£10 return = £300)
Horse Two: Loses (-£50)
Horse Three: Loses (-£50)

Customers are still only charged £40 (as above), so £300 – £50 – £50 -£40 = £160 profit on the day with that example.

NOTE losers are not carried over from previous days.

How do I know that Willie will make you money?

Willie has been successful for 15 years during this time he’s had some massive “touches”. Firstly, this is all he does – watch, analysis and evaluate each horses performance on a daily basis, looking for angles and things that other race watchers don’t/haven’t seen.

Over the last 15 years he’s tried many different perspectives to enable him to compile his own unique handicap ratings, and the results they produce are not set in stone but a starting point. Then he needs to find out the well-being of the horse, as a professional jockey for more than 14 years he has many friends and contacts which help with this side of the bet. Then the price – does the horse have a better chance than his odds suggest? Only then does Willie advise having a bet to his members.

Over the years Willie’s members have had betting accounts closed or restricted to laughable amounts, another unique statistic is that some years ago he qualified for the Betfair Premium Charge (he’s have not used Betfair since) – this extra charge effects less than ½% of the millions of people who use Betfair (effectively an extra tax for being good at your job) – He doesn’t know of any other tipster service who have qualified for this charge.

We take payments for winning advice by credit or debit card, using secure card processing. All data is encrypted for your protection. To start winning NOW you can complete the online application and then post the form back to us within the next ten days.

For your peace of mind we would ask you to read the terms and conditions on the application form (or via the link below) and confirm your agreement when you sign up.



Sometime ago I received an inquiry enclosed in this letter was a photocopy of what was called Who’s Who in the Tipping Business and whilst it is a little dated and I cannot validate it. It gave appraisals of many services.

Over the years I lost many thousands of pounds by subscribing to almost 70 tipsters, services, racing journalists, relay clubs and various advisors. In the beginning I was green and very naïve, often in financial dire straits and desperate after quick money. Later on I was buying them out of curiosity (mixed with hope). Only very few of the services I tried were genuine, most of them were dirty and almost criminal deception. Here are my personal views and experiences and I hope it will help you to avoid the mistakes I made during my rough ride.


Willie McFarland – one of the most genuine advisors I have ever experienced. Had fantastic and profitable year when I joined him in 1999. Year later he had little problems, but finished his daily line in style – Major Adventure at massive 20/1 and Rubbahunish 6/1, two nailed on winners in one day. This was the first and so far the only time I ever had 20/1 winner £200 straight win and I will never forget how it feels. Willie now runs his private so called maximum bet odds to service and although he may have a losing run, seems to be able to make long-term profit.


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